Is this really the best round pink diamond in Australia?

Is this really the best round pink diamond in Australia?

The ultimate love potion “number 9”!


Last week, we chatted with Michael Neuman about why he believes a particular pink diamond 'Magenta' from the Mondial collection is the best round pink diamond currently available for sale in Australia (and possibly the world).

To answer this, Michael first points out some pink diamond “facts”

  • The most desirable and valuable shape for pink diamonds is Round (otherwise known as “round brilliant cut”) – this is the same for white diamonds.
  • The most desirable and valuable colour grading in pink diamonds from Argyle is “1PP” – Some pink diamonds are graded as “Red” or “Purplish Red” and these are even more valuable.
  • The most desirable and valuable colour grading for any natural coloured diamond from the G.I.A. is “Vivid”
  • The stronger and more intensely coloured a pink diamond is, the more likely it is to have significant “inclusions” or flaws.
  • The rarest, most valuable and sought after Argyle pink diamonds are offered exclusively through the annual “Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender”.

When looking at the past 5 Argyle Pink Diamond Tenders (2009-2013), there were 268 rare pink diamonds offered. Of these, only 13 individual diamonds were the most valuable shape (round) and the rarest and most precious colour grade, 1PP/Red (from Argyle) or Vivid/Red/Purplish Red (from the G.I.A.).

The highest clarity grade of the 13 diamonds in this select group was SI1 and only 1 diamond was awarded that –  this remarkable Pink named 'Magenta' from the Mondial collection.

Mondial presents (drum roll please)….the one, the only, the incomparable, Lot number 9 (Mondial Magenta) from the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender of 2011.

  • Shape – Round
  • Weight – 0.34ct
  • Colour – 1PP (Argyle) Vivid (G.I.A.)
  • Clarity – SI1 (eye clean)

* Please note images not to scale.


Set as part of a beautiful piece of jewellery, or simply to own as a treasured family heirloom, please speak with the team at Mondial about how you can take this amazing diamond home. Mondial believe this pink is one of the best 1PP rounds to be offered in the last 20 years.

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