Mondial Interviewed about Argyle Pink Diamonds on ABC

Mondial Interviewed about Argyle Pink Diamonds on ABC

The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia the only reliable source of pink diamonds in the world and accounts for more than 90% of global supply. Operating for more than 35 years, the mine is due to close within months, not years, leaving jewellers around the world in hot pursuit of the last of the rare Argyle coloured diamonds. ABC News Tonight spoke with Michael Neuman of Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier. Mondial is one of the original Argyle Select Ateliers, specialising in Argyle diamonds for over 30 years and is fortunate to hold the largest selection of Pink Diamonds in Australia.

"Well obviously because we been selling Pinks for a very long time, the mine closing will have an impact because we won’t be getting the on-going supply as we have for the past 30 odd years. We’re not concerned about the closing of the mine though. We think the closure will make our stock holding that little bit more valuable. We’ve also already taken steps to modify the direction of our business in anticipation of less pinks becoming available."

When asked why they are so rare, Michael answered, "For starters, more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. This is up in the remote Kimberly region of Australia. Pink diamonds are therefore phenomenally rare. To illustrate, a 1 carat pink diamond is similar in rarity to a 20 or 30 carat white diamond."

With regards to jewellery trends this year, Michael says that fancy shape white diamond jewellery with pink diamond embellishments would be a popular style. "If you take a look through our website, you’ll see a lot of gorgeous designs as well as beautiful pinks set in classic, timeless bands and pendants."

To view Australia’s largest range of Pink Diamonds, feel free to visit the Mondial boutique on the ground floor of the QVB Building in Sydney, or simply call (02) 9267 7974.

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