Blue Diamonds

Probably the most famous natural coloured diamond of them all is a Blue Diamond - the Hope Diamond. This treasure of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington is so extraordinary and rare, it is said to be the most visited museum object in the world.

Blue diamonds are considered to be the rarest coloured diamond, apart from Red and one of the only recognised sources of natural Blue diamonds is the Argyle mine in Australia. Argyle Blue diamonds are often referred to as Blue-Grey or Blue Violet diamonds.

Unlike all other blue diamonds in the world, Argyle Blue diamonds contain small traces of hydrogen, which is undoubtedly the cause of the Violet or Blue-Violet colour which is the hallmark of the rarest and most valuable of the Argyle Blues.

The blue diamonds from Argyle are never just blue and always receive a lab grading which includes a modifying colour of grey or violet. As an example of just how rare these diamonds are, in the history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender (the annual auction of on average the 60 best Argyle diamonds mined each year), there have been just under 2000 diamonds offered, mostly pink, some red but only around 40 Argyle Blues. Of those, all except just 2 diamonds have had the Grey colour modifier in the grading.

Mondial is proud to own one of these historic Tender diamonds as part of our blue diamond selection, the 0.24ct pearshape Argyle "Fancy deep Violetish-Blue". This and a variety of Argyle Blue-Violet diamonds are in store 7 days a week, as part of the largest selection of Blue and other natural fancy coloured diamonds available for purchase by the public anywhere in Australia. Our directors and expert team in the QVB will be delighted to show and explain all about these wonderful gems.