Carbon Neutral


Jewellery doesn’t have to cost the Earth

Established Since 1961. Carbon Neutral Since 2019


The Mondial Group (Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier in the QVB and Mondial By Nadia Neuman in The Strand) is an Australian Family business and at the core of the business and guiding everything we do, are the family values that are instilled in us.

Inherent in those values is to care for each other, our customers and our community. And part of caring for the community is respect for the environment and the world we live in and are a part of. To this end, we acknowledge that climate change is real and that as responsible citizens and business owners, we must do our part to help minimise the way in which operating our enterprise could contribute to climate change.

As of the beginning of this year, 2020, the Mondial group are proud to announce that we are the first Australian fine jewellery business to be carbon neutral. This is something we have been working on and have wanted to achieve for a while. Some of the ways in which we aim to minimise our carbon footprint include such practices as: our directors and staff travel to and from work by public transport, our jewellers use only recycled gold and platinum, we make as much of our jewellery as possible with Australian diamonds and gemstones, we make all our jewellery right here in Australia, not flying overseas more than once a year for business and in a new initiative, a percentage of every sale over $1000 is used to plant native trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. Through these ongoing measures, we hope that our commitment to the future of the planet will encourage others to do likewise and assist in protecting the plants and animals, air and water quality for our children and their descendants.

We thank our customers for their assistance in helping us and are grateful for their support and that of our wonderful Mondial staff. 


Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier

Family Owned

  • Revolutionising our business by making socially responsible changes
  • Integrity, honesty, transparency
  • Ethically based, socially oriented and environmentally beneficial

Ethically Sourced

  • Thoughtful, Responsible jewellery production
  • Committed to evolving towards 100% sustainable fine jewellery
  • Diamonds sourced from suppliers that adhere to the BPP (Best Practice Principle) by verifying full ethical practices throughout the diamond pipeline addressing social, employment, business, health and safety, and environmental issues

Sustainably Sound

  • Consciously sourcing as many materials and components as possible which minimise the impact on our planet’s precious natural resources
  • Recycling and renewing materials and supporting suppliers who are like minded and aim to protect the planet 

Locally Made

  • Each Mondial Creation is crafted by our jewellers here in Australia
  • Sourcing diamonds, gemstones and other materials locally wherever possible in order to support local industry