The Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender 2020

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender 2020

The “Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender” is a once a year event. Effectively a silent auction of the rarest, best and most valuable diamonds found over the preceding year, the Tender has been held each and every year since the mine began in 1984.

Participation in this annual event is by invitation only. As one of the original Argyle panel members (those who were selected to be able to purchase directly from Argyle) and more latterly an Argyle Select Atelier, Mondial is proud to have been invited to every single Tender as part of our close and enduring relationship with Argyle since the very early days.

Due to the fact that there have only been around 2000 individual Tender diamonds offered for sale across the past 36 or so years through this unique event, many see diamonds from the Argyle Signature Tender as the ultimate limited edition and an investment opportunity like no other. The annual Argyle Signature Tender is widely acknowledged throughout the coloured diamond world as the most anticipated pink diamond sales each year and the 2020 Signature Tender will be both poignant and historic, as it is the second last of these events ever. Due to the quality and rarity of the Pink, Blue-Violet and Red diamonds on offer, plus the fact that there are likely to be fewer than 150 individual Tender diamonds offered for sale by Argyle before the closure of the mine in 2021, demand for these unique gems will be stronger than ever.

People wishing to invest in an Argyle Tender diamond, secure an heirloom gift to hand down through the family, add to their collection of rare coloured diamonds, patriots who love the thought of owning their own unique and never-to-be-repeated piece of Australia, or simply someone desiring to create an unmistakeably rare and special piece of jewellery, will all have their eyes on what will be on offer this year and next. The average value of Argyle Signature Tender diamonds has increased more than 500% over the last 25 years, which is why many people target the Tender Diamonds for investment, believing that the imminent closure of the mine will likely see that trend continue into the future.

Here at Mondial we value these diamonds as the rare, but above all unique and spectacularly beautiful creations of nature that they are, and chose to purchase only selected Argyle Signature Tender stones for stock and occasionally our clients. Remember, whether you are looking to buy an Argyle Tender diamond for investment, jewellery or any other no doubt very good reason, it is imperative that you do so through an Argyle Select Atelier such as Mondial, or other company who have immense experience and knowledge regarding these unique and most sought after diamonds. We are here to help and if you are in the enviable position where purchasing a small but immensely beautiful, rare and valuable natural treasure of Australia is an option, please don’t hesitate to contact us for our guidance and assistance.  


*Images Courtesy of Argyle Pink Diamonds   

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