Argyle Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are considered to be the rarest coloured diamond apart from Red. One of the only recognised sources of natural Blue diamonds and THE ONLY source of rare blue-violet and violet diamonds was the Argyle mine in Western Australia, which ceased production in November 2020.

So rare are Argyle’s uniquely hydrogen-rich cerulean spectrum, that all the GIA graded blue and violet diamonds offered in the history of the Signature Tender put together, would weigh just a touch less than the weight of the famous Hope diamond (45.52cts)

Argyle Blue diamonds are often referred to as Blue-Grey or Blue Violet diamonds. Unlike all other blue diamonds in the world - which get their colour from minute traces of boron - Argyle Blue diamonds contain small traces of hydrogen, which is the cause of the Violet or Blue-Violet colour: the hallmark of the rarest and most valuable of the Argyle Blues.

The blue diamonds from Argyle are never just blue and always receive a lab grading which includes a modifying colour of grey or violet.

Argyle Blue Diamond

”Once in a Blue Moon” was a curation of the very last blue and violet diamonds to emerge from the iconic Argyle diamond mine. So rare are these treasures that the Once in a Blue Moon’s collection of 24.88 carats was curated over the course of more than three years.

Mondial has a large range of Argyle Blue-Violet, Greyish-Violet, Blue-Grey and Argyle Grey-Blue diamonds available in our Queen Victoria Building boutique, as part of the largest selection of natural fancy coloured diamonds available for purchase by the public anywhere in Australia. Our directors and expert team in the QVB will be delighted to show and explain all about these wonderful gems and help you to make the perfect choice of Argyle Blue Diamond for yourself, a loved one or as an heirloom piece to be handed down to future generations. These extraordinarily rare Argyle Blue / blue-violet diamonds will go down in history as the stuff off legend, only ever to be owned and worn by a select and very lucky few!