The World's Most Expensive Advent Calendar

The World's Most Expensive Advent Calendar

On the 1st December, 2019 Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier will again unveil the world’s most expensive Advent Calendar in their store on the ground floor of the iconic Queen Victoria Building.
The calendar, worth in excess of A$5,000,000 (Four Million Dollars), has been meticulously handcrafted by master cabinet maker and Sydney resident Tim Garside, using specially selected, natural Australian timbers and embellished with precious gemstones, gold and silver as well as hand-made, crystal chandeliers.

With secret doors and panels numbering 1 to 24, each day of December will reveal a new treasure to the public up until Christmas day. The calendar will not only delight those interested in luxury jewellery and time-honoured craftmanship but also draw attention to the historic QVB.

Michael Neuman, Co-Director of Mondial says of the window display,

“This has been over 18 months in the making and we are so thrilled to finally see our vision come to life. For us, it really is about adding that spark of wonder and excitement back into Christmas and we are looking forward to seeing the faces of both adults and children light up as they look into our shop windows and see the incredible and totally unique display.” “While we understand that very few people can afford to purchase the Calendar, we do hope it draws attention to the magnificent coloured diamonds and gemstones that Australia produces as well as our fine timbers. The calendar has been designed to reflect the architectural style and details one sees in the famous Queen Victoria Building and it includes featured Mondial jewellery such as an extremely rare Argyle Red Diamond ring valued at $690,000.”

Tim Garside, the designer and master craftsman involved in the project says,

“The materials chosen were Australian woods and veneers revolving around a complimentary theme. The details on and within the cabinets were to take features of the Queen Victoria Building itself to create a connection between the display and the building. You can see such features in the chequered floor, arched windows, glass in the windows and pillared arch and columns on the facade.

One half of the calendar consists of predominantly Australian Red Cedar, along with Australian walnut, and Forest Red Gum, features of Gold Leaf, natural gemstones and crystal. The other side consists of predominantly Huon Pine, Birds Eye Maple, Silky Oak and Red Gum Burl along with features of Silver Leaf, natural gemstones and Crystal. As a master craftsman, I would like to feel the Calendar will capture the public’s imagination and create a sense of intrigue as to what lies behind the various numbered doors. The construction of both of the interiors has been done using traditional methods and incorporates many skill sets from veneer work, metal work, joinery, design, inlay, parquetry, gilding, French polishing, glass cutting and fine wood work. I would like the calendar to re-awaken the public’s appreciation of the natural unique precious materials found here in Australia with their beauty and wonderment to be seen through the calendar and the jewellery on display.”


  • Took over 18 months to design and build
  • Design is based on the unique QVB Romanesque Revival style
  • Mondial’s window display had to be re-built to accommodate the Christmas fixture
  • Includes Australian timbers, precious gemstones, gold, silver and crystal chandeliers
  • Every day, a new piece of exquisite jewellery will be revealed up until December 24
  • The total value of the Advent Calendar is over A$5million dollars
  • To our knowledge, it is the most expensive Advent Calendar in the world
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