The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

The 2021 “Journey Beyond” collection is the final Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender and is a collection of the finest diamonds unearthed from the Argyle Mine in its last year of mining.

With viewings by invitation only, the “Signature Tender” is the most awaited annual event in the diamond world, each year’s collection showcasing the best 60 or so of Argyle mine’s past 12 months diamond production. Each diamond from the Argyle Tender has been painstakingly crafted by the master cutters at Rio Tinto’s facility to try and bring out the absolute best from the rough crystal, not only in terms of colour but also, brilliance, symmetry and sparkle. These diamonds are sought after by diamond dealers, collectors and connoisseurs the world over and can command record prices, often in excess of US$ 1 million per carat. As they are extremely limited, exceedingly rare and highly prized, people sometimes see them as an investment for the future.

The closure of Australia’s iconic Argyle diamond mine, which brought pink diamonds to prominence and forever changed and elevated the place of natural coloured diamonds on the world market, brings to an end this remarkable chapter in the global story of the mining and marketing of a unique and never-to-be-repeated source of coloured diamonds. Having been in the vanguard of offering and promoting Argyle diamonds to the jewellery industry for nearly 40 years, we are thankful to our customers here and from all over the world who embraced the vision of our founders Fred and Maria Neuman, to see the beauty Rich and Rare, in these unique and everlasting Australian coloured diamonds. We will continue to be part of their journey for the coming years, as the remaining stock is purchased by people who will continue to desire diamonds which are unique, Australian, natural, ethical and of course beautiful, rare and collectible.

Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier is proud to have been custodian of some of the most unique and exceptional diamonds from the Argyle Signature Tender over the years.

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We are here to help, and if you are in the enviable position where purchasing an immensely beautiful, rare and valuable natural treasure of Australia is an option, please don’t hesitate to contact us for our guidance and assistance.

Images courtesy of Argyle Pink Diamonds.